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At Kroon Auto's, every car is technically checked at various points at arrival. When necessary, the possibly detected defects are fixed, ensuring us that we offer the customer a proper product. The cars are properly polished, cleaned and provided with a new set of mats.

After purchasing your car, things like tire pressure and liquids are checked again. In consultation, you can opt for giving the car a maintenance job. The NAP and maintenance history can be referenced at Kroon Auto's, so that we can check together what has been done to your car in the past. We do not charge delivery costs for this!


In our offer overview, you can find the net prices that we charge for our cars. These are the net prices, without warranty. In the unlikely event you run into a technical problem without having chosen for a warranty, or after the chosen warranty period, we would still like to think along with the customer to find a fitting solution.

As Opel specialist, we have a very large amount of product experience, and we can offer any possibly needed parts for competitive prices. We call this the 'think-along warranty' of Kroon Auto's. We would like to keep you as customer at our company! Should you want to opt for extra security, you can choose for one of our various options. As a BOVAG garage, this warranty is in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the BOVAG.


Kroon Auto's think-along warranty Unlimited term FREE
Complete BOVAG Warranty 3 Months € 500
Complete BOVAG Warranty 6 Months € 950


Should you purchase a BOVAG Warranty from us, it really is complete, without exceptions or small print. Workshop rates as well as parts are included in the warranty. However, the reparation may only take place at our location.

Customers who purchased a car at Kroon Auto's always receive free re-routing!

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  • Kroon Auto's
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    5317 JG Nederhemert
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